Angry Birds 7-13 Walkthrough Guide

This is my walkthrough for the Danger Above level 7-13 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

High Score: 61,040
Difficulty: hard

You can get all three stars in this level by only using four angry birds.

Level 7 13 Walkthrough for Danger Above in Angry Birds

  1. Aim the first angry bird at a low angle and drop its egg right above the watermelon on the left. Get the bird to smash into the top of the structure.
  2. Aim the second angry bird the horizontal wooden blocks sitting on top of the fruit. You should clear out a path to the pigs.
  3. Aim the third angry bird to take out the structure around the big pig, as well as smashing that pig.
  4. Use the fourth angry bird at a good angle to take out the final pig.

If this strategy worked for you, or even if it didn’t, please leave a comment below and let me know.

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